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Item:     Amicelli

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Former known as Fanfare.

A crunchy pleasure of the finest waffle rolls filled with delicious hazelnut cream, and covered with a breeze of tender melting chocolate.

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Hagar miller
01.06.2012 21:04
How much for the shipping to israel?

Victoria Palumbo
14.06.2012 22:23
Amicelli is the most delcious and luxurious treat. My husband recently brought one of the bars home that one of his colleagues had given him at work. Actually, he took a bite and knew he would have to save the rest for me, he's a really good husband that way - so generous of him. Anyway, we are so thrilled to now know about this product. This has my favorite type of texture - the filling is super creamy, velvety and silky - it has an almost mousse like consistency. Then all of that goodness is wrapped in a paper thin waffle roll, which makes the cookie (is it a cookie or a candy?) whatever it is, it melts in your mouth. The flavor, blending chocolate and hazelnut is addictive. I can't think of anything else quite as good as this made in the USA. I knew I would have to Google and search online to find this item. This isn't an inexpensive product, but I believe it is more than worth the cost. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. That's what Amicelli is: a tasty, scrumptious indulgence. I highly recommend this delectable treat!

16.12.2014 16:13
To whom it may concern I just would like to know who could I get my request back again?? Best regards Najla

02.03.2015 23:10
How much for the shipping to uae?

24.10.2015 22:08
do you have an agent in Jordan

Jamecia Cozart
04.01.2016 04:26
Need to know were I can buy them in California. Near Los Angeles

27.01.2016 07:50
Do you ship to Saudi Arabia?

17.03.2016 21:57
Wanted to Check if they used to be called FANFARE ? And if you sell them in Australia

10.04.2016 13:39
Hello; Where can I buy it from France?

26.11.2016 09:40
I remember Fanfare chocolate fingers from my childhood. If it's true they are called Amicelli now I want to know where I can find them in Romania or how much the shipment is. Fanfare used to be crazy delicious indeed.

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