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Medium Austrian Poidl

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Item:     Nussini 3pcs

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3 pieces

Crunchy wafer with hazelnuts in Alpine milk chocolate.

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Sarah Coe
03.06.2013 13:59
I have never eaten this but my friend went on exchange from Australia to Germany in 2012 for the whole year and she was obsessed with this chocolate and her 18th birthday is in a month and I have been trying to think of a good present for her and I know that she has really been missing Germany, or 'home' as she calls it, so I decided to get her something from Germany and I was going through her pictures and came across a picture of Nussini and so I have come to the decision that I will buy her as many packets of Nussini that I can afford which is probably around three because shipping is ridiculously expensive and I am very poor on account of the supermarket I work at is going broke and I only get one shift a month and I have been saving up for plane tickets, so three packets of Nussini is going to have to do the job. I think she will be happy with it. I also plan to recreate Ferris Buellers Day Off for her, which I forced her to watch last week, forced because I think that it is not okay for her to go on living without having seen it, and that goes for you too, go watch Ferris Buellers Day Off.

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