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Item:     Mozart Gift Edition

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26 genuine Mirabell Mozartkugeln from Salzburg and 8 Mozarttaler Medals in a gift edition.

Mozartkugeln chocolates consist of the finest dark chocolate. Mozarttaler chocolate medals are covered with delicious milk chocolate.


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Mr James
02.11.2012 19:15
Myself and my daughter have visited Vienna many times before since I am originally from Bratislava Slovakia. Presently we live in Washington DC. When she was younger and there were no limitations on luggage, we would always bring one small carry on suitcase filled with our favorite Mozart kugeln chocolates. In the Washington DC area where we live around the Christmas time, some international stores carry the German variety of Mozart's Kugeln where Mozart face is turned to the left side of the box. However, there is a huge difference in taste. These last couple of years we have been purchasing these chocolates in the duty free shop as we were leaving Vienna so it would not add weight to our luggage. Our friends are used to us bringing back these chocolates as gifts so obviously there is never enough! The delicious combination of chocolate and almond paste is incomparable to anything that you can experience. Thanks to the new technology of internet and being able to google anything, we were able to stumble upon this website where you can purchase your favorite Austrian goodies. I plan to order not only chocolates but other tasty delights from this company as soon as our first chocolate shipment arrives!

11.12.2012 14:22
when I was 6 years old my father bought this chocolate from Germany and I still remember the taste, It is really the best chocolate I've ever had although it is a bit pricey but it will change your mood for a long time . I've tried many chocolates and sweets during childhood but none of them were as good which made me remember it for 20 years and recently after 20 years I found this chocolate again in duty free shop , the packaging is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago therefore I immediately recognized it and picked 6 of them which it was quite hard to carry :)))) the chocolate really has a unique taste and it is made from a very special formula blended with the finest almond and praline paste. now I am in UK there for I can order it easily online whenever I want and I am so happy about it ,I hope this brand opens many branches all around the world so that I can get it where ever I go and whenever I want . I would recommend this product for any one who loves chocolate or wants to give a very special gift to their friends or family. it is truly the best.

01.02.2013 17:57
My Musical Appretiation teacher once told us about Mozartkugeln and I've always wanted to try them ever since!

Jane Considine
24.10.2013 22:59
Almost 15 years ago a good friend came to visit me in Ireland from Germany and he brought me a box of Mozart chocolates as a gift. In my recollection it was a huge box and the chocolates were all wrapped in gold foil with charming red and gold wrappers with varying portraits of the composer Mozart. Inside they were marzipan with liquor I think. They were so charmingly presented and wrapped and were so delicious I never forgot them. Now, my mother has just mentioned that she remembers having enjoyed sharing them at the time, 15 years ago and how she'd always wanted to have some again. My mum is one of those people who it is very difficult to find the perfect present for or to surprise, so I was delighted to discover something special that she will love. Now I have see that through the great facility that is the internet, I can order Mozart chocolates on line and so, this Christmas I'm going to order them from you and give the to her as a gift. I just hope she opens them when I'm there so that I'll get to taste Mozart chocolates again. Or maybe I should order a box for myself too, just in case.

16.01.2014 19:37
My sister in law is Austrian, and when she visits family she would bring back Mozart Chocolates for us, but now I am very happy to see I can order the chocolates online and not wait for her next trip to visit her family.

mauricio larco
05.03.2014 04:24
I would like to know how I am going to get the product please

Beatriz. Pano
22.11.2014 05:22
i can't wait to order on line the Dark Chocolate when visit me there in One of the biggest store in Austria .Please let me know my wish to taste again your very good product this Chistmas thanks .

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