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Small Austrian Hansi

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Item:     Mozart Violin

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12 Mirabell Mozartkugeln in a violin box.


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Vanessa Durrant
13.10.2012 05:47
We bought these for our friends as gifts when we were visiting Berlin. They were so delicious that we are now addicted! We are buying two boxes for ourselves and will buy these lovely boxes for the rest of our lives for our friends. The Mozart chocolate and liqueurs are truly special.

jason dorey
13.10.2012 22:18
I love the taste and i first tried them when i was in Vienna on a religious retreat with my church. When i came back to canada I tried to find them but was unable to find a store that sold them so i have to order them online. Love the pistacchio in the centre.

16.01.2013 23:26
My fiance and I went to Innsbruck and Salzburg, Austria. We had a fabulous time and stayed in the hotel where Mozart stayed when he traveled to Innsbruck. We were given a Kugal to try and we fell in love. The Mozart chocolates are like nothing I have ever tasted in the Unites States.

04.10.2013 03:44
I visited Salzburg several times with my family during the late 80's and early 90's when my dad was serving in the British Army in neighbouring Germany. Mozartkugeln were the highlight of our last visit in 2001. They were greatly appreciated by all of us, and the people we took them home for!

09.01.2014 06:36
I first tasted these chocolates while I was in Vienna, Austria attending an international swim meet. My first free day was spent going out shopping for souvenirs to bring back to the United States of America. I walked into the first shop and immediately picked out this candy. After the first bite, I was hooked! I bought two boxes to last the rest of my stay in Vienna. Needless to say, those did not last long. This chocolate is addictive! I then had to return to the store to buy two more boxes. I then introduced these chocolates to my family upon my return to the United States of America; they were just as hooked as I was. Since that trip to Austria, my family and I have purchased at least ten boxes of this candy. What we love most is the fact that these chocolates are like nothing I have ever had before here in the United States of America; they're new, tasty, and refreshing to the taste buds. I would recommend trying these chocolates--and I promise that after one taste, you will be hooked--you will want more and more. These chocolates are sweet and tasty--and I love the pistachio in the center.

abhimanu yadav
17.07.2014 05:39
I saw it on TLC channel on my television and liked it, since then I decided to buy it.

joão carlos.
07.05.2015 19:24

Ederich Viviers
04.11.2016 04:36
Good excellent!!

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