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Tyrolean Toni

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Item:     Mozart Cup

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200g of Mozartkugeln in a ceramic Mozart Cup.

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Nicola Flore
06.12.2013 15:01
Prodotto magnifico. Un classico per tutti gli amanti del cioccolato!

Nicola Flore
06.12.2013 15:06

Nicola Flore
06.12.2013 16:50

Susan Bradbury
10.12.2013 17:20
We first discovered Mozartkulgen when we were newly married and visited Austria in 1990. We fell in love with Austria and the chocolates. The perfect blend of chocolate and Marzipan is just delicious! In 1999 we returned to Salzburg with our two small sons and introduced them to Mozartkulgen. One of our fondest memories is of tea and cake by the lake in St Gilgen - Mozart cake with musical notes on the icing and Mozartkulgen pieces on top. We always make sure we buy Mozartkulgen for Christmas.

alex mihai
18.12.2013 03:32

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