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Item:     Kremser Mustard

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The mild sweet mustard from Mautner Markhof according to an old receipt, made of water, mustard seed, wine vinegar, spirits of wine, sugar and finest spices.

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William Josey
08.06.2013 02:51
I was first introduced to Austrian mustard when visiting family in 1989. Senf & sausages - delicious. However I once poured (as a 12 year old) the schwartz rather suss on a meal and lived to regret it. Fortunately it was ice cream for dessert.

zig criscuolo
11.06.2013 01:04
We travelled back through Austria last summer after a trip to Lake Garda and stopped off in Malnitz. A quick trip to the local Billa led to us picking up some provisions for the weekend stopover. The tube of Kremser mustard was so good it made the journey home and we've been trying to track down some more her in the UK before we use the last few servings.

Sheila de Winter
13.11.2013 20:58
I was introduced to Austrian mustard by my brother-in-law and would like to puchase some more.

Sonja Hart
08.07.2015 00:30
Super efficient site

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