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Item:     Kilkenny Beer

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since the 12th century
alc. 5% vol.

The beer from Ireland for the wallowers who prefer to have it bitter.

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15.06.2012 10:56
My boyfriend is Canadian, from Newfoundland. His home has a VERY Irish culture... one of which I am still learning and figuring out. Anyhow, I am from Houston, Texas. We both love here and since the day we met, there has been something paining him about every bar we went to. They never have Kilkenny beer. I never understood why this was so important until I realized that for him, it was a piece of home. It reminded him of his culture and heritage. I guess beer has a way of bringing out nostagia and longing for home... especially when that beer is hard to come by!. He has always had to settle for Guiness instead, much to his dismay. To this day (almost 8 months later), whenever we talk about a new bar in town or some place we want to go, he always gets a frown and says :sounds great but I know they won't have Kilkenny.. Apparently this is some pretty great stuff. SO-- for his birthday, I want to suprise him with Kilkenny. The fact that it is traveling such a long way to sit in front of him, the look on his face when he has the first sip (and for me to actually get to try and and understand what all the fuss is about!)... I can't wait. It will be so priceless to be able to bring some of his much loved home back to him even if for just a few beers.

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