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Austrian Emperor

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Item:     Gösser Natur Radler

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alc. 2,0% vol.

Gösser Natur Radler is the pure refreshment!
40% Gösser beer and 60% lemon juice.

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Mary Forsyth
18.11.2012 20:01
My husband first had the pleasure of trying a Radler 8 years ago on our first trip to Austria. He is not a drinker but it was very hot and the young man at the restaurant recomended that he should try a Radler as it was full of flavour aswell as being a refreshing drink. My husband like it imediatally, and it became his regular drink when having a meal. We holidayed in Austria the following year and again he ordered a Radler with his meal, but when it came it was a clear drink not the cloudy version that he liked so we had to go and search out the correct one, which we eventually did. And so the following year when on holiday in Slovenia, we drove across the border into Austria so that we could buy some Radlers for him to enjoy while on holiday. We have tried to replicate it at home in Scotland but it never tastes or looks the same so as a surprise Christmas present I want to surprise him with a Radler and Goulashsuppe. To remind him of the wonderful holidays we had in Austria. In fact I have been looking at winter short breaks to visit the Advent markets.

Shavon Harris
02.12.2013 05:42
I never liked beer at all because I figured if something has to be acquired why continue trying a disgusting beverage. That all changed when I went to germany to visit friends and they had me try a Radler, although I am only now figuring out what it is called. The drink was delicious that I had one every single night that I was in Germany, and when the supply was all gone we took a wonderful trip to Austria just so that we can get more of a bulk and a better deal. Well I brought some to Paris and Italy and I have finished it off in the United States of America. Since I have finished it I have been raving for weeks about how much I love this special Austrian beer and how it is necessary to find it again. I have searched and searched every European store that I can fine and the only beer I can find is Veltins. During my search I found a man who had an empty radler bottle that he brought back from Austria because he thought it was so delicious and wanted to remember it. That is how I found out the name of the beer and that is what has brought me here. I went from anti-beer to one beer for me, and that is Gosser's Radler.

Norm Smith
07.04.2015 09:32
Do you export to Sydney, Australia? Can you advise who the distributor is to Australia? We have a liquor licence in New South Wales Australia Shire Cellars, 108 Flora Street Sutherland, NSW, 2232 61 (02) 9521 2475

02.07.2016 20:50
I would be interested to know when or if this product is available again.

Daria O
08.09.2016 03:51
I would like to echo many of the comments here. I tasted many radlers in Germany and Austria and enjoyed them all. When I was served a GOsser Radler I was overwhelmed with enjoyment. Now I am trying to find it in the USA. HELP!

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