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Item:     Gösser Zwickl Dark

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alc. 4,5% vol.

Gösser Zwickl

A bottom-fermented dark beer.

Gösser Stiftsbrtäu shines in a dark amber shade with a subtle redish glow. On the palate dense and creamy. A sophisticated enjoyment for all lovers of a sweet and dark beer.

Stiftsbräu recommits on the oldest monastery in the Austrian province of Styria.


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O.E. Kienzle
30.09.2012 07:24
I have been drinking Gosser Dark Beer for many years here at my home in the United States, Chicago, Illinois. Then, in August, 2012, I find out that I cannot order this beer anymore in Chicago.The beer distributor refuses to deliver the beer to the stores. I don't know why. I use to order the beer in kegs (half-barrels) and also in bottles. I cannot find anyone who sells this beer within a hundred miles of my home. Please help me find someone who can sell me this beer. It is my favorite beer. I have been drinking beer for over 35 years and I know a great beer.

28.11.2012 06:22
NO MORE GOSSER (Austrian) BEER IN AMERICA. They gave up, waved the white flag to the other beer producers. No loyality to the millions of dedicated Gosser Beer lovers here in the USA. At the very least they could have given a good reason why they stopped selling beer here.Maybe the competition was too tough. Maybe management was too weak, whatever...time to move on. I will switch to HoffBrau (HB) Beer. They seem to have a product that is superior to Gosser.

14.06.2013 07:46
I agree with Mr. Goodrich's comment. Goodbye to Gosser Beer in the USA. HoffBrau (HB) is an excellent choice and also Beck's Dark Beer. HoffBrau built a Beer Hall 5 minutes from my home (Rosemont, IL) so I am spending all of my money there now. Too bad Gosser management lost it's edge, I bet the founder's of the company are turning over in their graves knowing they threw away the advantage they had over other Breweries with their fine beers. I guess they hired the right people to run the company in the ground, it is a shame, never met anyone who didn't like a Gosser Beer, never met anyone who would only drink one. I guess stockholders greed overcame hard work and loyalty to the dedicated Gosser Beer drinkers here in the USA. Sit back and spend your money, one day it will be all gone and your heirs will wonder why it wasn't invested in the future. I wrote 8 different letters and emails to the USA Distributor of Gosser and also to the home office in Austria, they didn't even have the respect to answer any of the mail...too busy spending there father's money. Now I am too busy drinking someone else's beer. See you on the other side.

Gary S. Hanman
26.06.2014 16:06
I've been looking for Gosser Dark for years now ......with absolutely no luck. Hatboro Beverage used to carry it, its been a difficult find to say the least! I live in Philadelphia Pa, 19116 USA. please help me find Gosser Dark, Gary

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