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Item:     Ottakringer Beer Can

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since 1837;
alc. 5,2%;

Light beer from Austrias capital.

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Michael Miles
24.11.2012 21:22
Vacationed in Vienna. Ottakringer was the BEST Beer I found. Trying to locate it in US.

Yves Seguin
28.10.2013 17:39
Allo Greetings from Ottawa Canada! My wife and I spent 1 week in the beautiful Wolfgansee , Werfen ,Salzburg and stayed overnight in Hallstatt the reception that we received in your country is like no other we will be returning to enjoy some Ottakringer bier as we can't purchase it here in Canada! Regards! Yves

29.10.2013 10:57
First let me start by saying that I'm not a beer drinker, never have been. Nothing I like better than a cool gin and tonic. However, last year I found myself sauntering along the banks of the Alte Donau with my husband, on a very VERY hot early Summer's day. All I craved was something cool and crisp to quench my thirst and a nice spot in the shade to drink it. Crossing the road we spied a very, how can I put it, eccentric pub right on the shore line so we stopped for a drink and a sit down. I had my usual diet coke but it just didn't do the job, eying my husband's clear cool looking beer I snaffled a taste and 'tada!!!!' That was it, converted to beer drinking in that instant (or at least, Austrian beer!) It was heavenly, cool, clean with just a hint of bitterness. By far the nicest beer I've ever had, so there we were, sat in the shade by the Alte Donau, sipping our Ottakringer and falling in love with Vienna. It was a very hot May in 2012 and I don't like hot weather, but this beer saved me!! Absolutely delicious!!

live benyamin
17.05.2017 04:34
i like this beer back 2006 when i was in wien i had this beer .

live benyamin
17.05.2017 04:48
i like this beer.

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