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Item:     Egger Beer

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since 1675;
alc. 5,2% vol

EGGER in the popular 0.5 l can. It has an appropriate full-bodied and spicy flavour. A typical Austrian entire beer with an alcohol content of 5.2% by volume and an original wort of 11.8 degree Plato.

The ideal beer for all occasions. Typical Austrian Märzen beer, mildly-hopped, highly fermented and full-bodied flavour. With an alcohol content of 5.2 % by volume and an original wort of 11.8 degree Plato – a light and sweet entire beer with a strong malty aroma. Awarded several times in international and national beer competitions, only recently again received GOLD and the trophy for international high quality in the Monde Selection – world selection. The name Märzen beer is derived from the month of March. In the past beer was brewed in autumn. The storage casks were covered with ice in winter which was taken out of frozen lakes by local farmers. As soon as the ice was melt in March, the beer in the cask was mature.

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Yulian Ivanov
04.02.2013 22:57
I have never tried this beer

Lee Ann Egger Lyons
16.08.2013 00:11
I am an Egger

James Egger
18.12.2015 13:33
Are you able to ship this beer to the United States?

Adam C. Egger
28.04.2017 06:56
Want to order on case of Egger Premium

Adam C. Egger
28.04.2017 07:01
want to order Egger Premium Bier

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