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Samichlaus Beer

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Item:     Samichlaus Beer

4.59 €
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alc. 14% vol.

Samichlaus Beer is the strongest lager beer in the world and also known as "Santa Claus Beer".

Samichlaus Beer is brewed only once a year on December 6 and aged for 10 months before bottling. This beer is perhaps the rarest in the world.

Samichlaus may be aged for many years to come. Older vintages become more complex with a creamy warming finish. Serve with hardy robust dishes and desserts, particulary with chocolates, or as an after dinner drink by itself.

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Emily Joyce
13.06.2012 15:56
Had this for the first time last a neighborhood pizza joint from an apparantly-knowledgeable server...he said grteat things about it, and we all loved it!! So excited to know it's available online!!

Josh Bucken
02.09.2012 11:00
I first had this at a local beer and wine house on the weekend before the 4th of July; when I ordered it the waitress cautioned me that it was like having three beers at once, and she was right, both because of the delightfully high alcohol content and the depth of flavors I could extract from this wonderful doppelbock. In a small glass like the one from which I drank it pours more like a wine than a beer, with very little head, but a great aroma and is best enjoyed, like a dessert wine, slowly and with the accompaniment of fruit, chocolate, or cheese. It starts out tasting like a super malty candy but it matures if you bother to give it time to rest in your mouth; becoming a fruity treat that tastes like blueberry muffins or bread. After I'd finished the glass it left a taste like cinnamon and sugared toast. I haven't been back to the place since but I can't get this amazing experience out of my mind. This was like no beer I've ever had before and I recommend it to everyone I know so they can share the unique joy of Christmastime in a bottle all year round.

Per Funke
23.11.2012 18:55
Have had this beer for several years until now. It seems that our Swedish stupid monopoly won't sell it this and coming years. IT SUCKS! Can I order it?

Lance Mazmanian
22.12.2012 21:51
The Indiana Jones of beers, whip included...

30.01.2013 21:29
this beer is incredible, best tasting beer I've ever had. Can I buy a case from you? I am in Hingham Massachusetts 781.749.7740

07.06.2013 18:32
can't wait to try this beer

08.08.2013 13:25
This beer is the best one I have tasted so far. I have actually traveled from Finland to Sweden to get it, because it has never been available in the Finnish beverage shops but was available in Sweden, at least few years ago it was. Can be found from some high quality restaurants in Finland, though. Unfortunately I am now having only few bottles left, so I need to get a new batch as soon as possible. Interesting thing about this beer is, that despite of the strong alcohol content, the alcohol actually does not come through very much in the taste. In my opinion, it tastes more like a rye bread or something like that. This beer is very enjoyable indeed. Hopefully I will one day find some time to make a holiday trip to Central Europe to visit the brewery (if it accepts tourist visits). A trip to Austria (perhaps accompanied by a visit to some trappist breweries in Belgium as well) would be a dream come true indeed. I am looking forward to it. By the way, a funny coincidence is, that the beer is brewed sixth of December, which happens to be Finland's national day as well, so you can double the celebration!

Gemma Harris
15.12.2013 15:51
Bought this beer for my husband as he once had it at a Christmas Market years ago. He had always spoke so fondly of it so I decided to surprise him. What surprised me is how much I loved it!! It's such a unique taste. The strength of it s not overwhelming at all, it tasted rich and silky. I could definitely pick up the chocolate notes and the smell reminds me of Christmas so much. It's hard to get this beer, as it is only brewed once a year so if you see it, make sure you get it. I'm on here now, hopefully ordering us some not only for Xmas, but also as a Secret Santa gift for my husband's co-worker. This beer is so enjoyable that everyone we talk to about it asks where they can get it from too. I wish it was available all year round but I guess part of the magic would be gone. We certainly get excited on the 6th December in our house!!! You can also buy a Samichlaus glass which is beautiful and holds the beer nicely. It adds to the occasion and it always feels like Christmas has arrived when that glass appears.

walter nelson
26.12.2013 08:17
a friend of mine has been buying me this beer for christmas for the last three years .it is without doubt the best beer in the world .not for the faint hearted!!!

Carol Love
21.05.2014 09:22
Tried this beer when I lived in California. My husband and I were walking at the beach when we encountered two guys who were laughing and just having a great time. They said hello as they laughed and held each other up from falling. I said, wow you guys are having such a good time I sure would like to have what you had. They were laughing and said it was this beer that had a high content of alcohol in it and one beer should be shared between the both of us. We were a bit thirsty and said lets try it since they said it had such a great taste. When they said it was Sante Claus we thought that was odd but we went on to the pub like bar and asked for it and they corrected us by saying it was Samichlaus Beer. Well we tried it and in no time we were feeling no pain as we enjoyed this new taste. Sadly we found out that it was brewed only once a year. We can't find it anywhere but now we are hopeful that we can purchase it on line. It's such a wonderful, festive tasting beer.

Brian Feige
04.06.2017 15:11
First enjoyed it many years ago but haven't been able to find it since. A truly remarkable beer!

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