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Item:     Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 5x100g

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5x Milka Chocolate Alpine Milk 100g

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Tony Navarra
12.11.2012 08:08
This is my Girlfriends all time favourite chocolate ! ! We are from Australia and it is nearly impossible to find here , so I am so excited to find it here ! ! ! I will be buying some and surprising her for christmas :) ! ! ! ! We first tried it here in the Aldi stores, and got so addicted to it, and we have not had any Milka in nearly 3 years :( . We looked everywhere, searched many stores even ebay :) for that famous purple wrapped chocolate. There seem to be so many amazing flavours, I look forward to trying as many of them as possible !!!!! Especially exciting is the milka Naps. These look great to have with coffee and great guests to the amazing addictive intoxicating indulgent flavour of Milka :) . My mum will love to try the Milka with grape and nuts. I think for my brother, he will really enjoy the oreo, cookie and cream, milka variant. One thing is for sure. It has been a long time without the delicious smooth creamy flavour of the most amazing of all chocolates, Milka, but thankfully that is all about to change !!!!

Marija Farcalovska
25.06.2015 14:27
I will like to buy this chocolate. I live in UAE and it's very difficult to find it. Thanks

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