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Item:     Milka Oreo 5x100g

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Milka Chocolate with small cookie pieces from Oreo.

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23.08.2012 04:35
I discovered this amazing chocolate when I spent the summer in Salzburg, Austria this past summer. A friend let me try a piece and instantly I fell in love. Unfortunately, this particular flavor of chocolate bar isn't sold in a lot of places, so I didn't get a chance to have it often. Then one weekend, my fellow co-workers took a trip to Milka Welt in Munich, Germany and I knew I had to make a trip there myself. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to catch a two hour train there with some other co-workers who wanted to go to Munich, but of course walking to the train station took more time than we expected and we missed the first train. We waited for the next train, but discovered it was not headed for Munich like we expected. I knew we would make it eventually, so I didn't worry. We got off at the next stop and waited for the next train. On the next train, we searched everywhere for a seat, and finally found comfort in the dining car. When we had our tickers checked, we were informed that again this was the wrong train. I thought my chocolate dreams weren't going to come true after all these struggles. After the next train, we finally made it to Munich and after a bit of sightseeing, we made a beeline to Milka Welt. Surprisingly, they were having a sale because it was their anniversary year, so I bought up a storm!! I have been back in the states for a week and have depleted my stock and now I need more. I love this bar and plan on buying a lot more.

01.11.2012 10:09
I went on a school exhange to France with 13 other girls just recently. Before I left a friend told me that I had to try milka so when I got there I, of course, tried some. From the first bite I was in heaven this is the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted and the oero is the best flavour. Naturally I brought heaps and tried to keep it all for home. I am now back home and I am running low. I plan on buying a whole lot more because it is the best chocolate I have ever tasted

16.02.2013 01:56
Well on a travel program my home stay father interduced the chocalate to me,I loved it. Unfortainitly they are not sold in all the flaves in my native country.

08.06.2013 22:18
I have never found a more amazing product then they Milka Brand Chocolates. These are absolutely amazing, and I have no clue how I lived without them! I discovered these fine candies while I was traveling around Europe, and I instantly fell in love with them. The company has a wide variety of concept sweets, what I enjoy the most about these products is that they are all uniquely filled, covered, or feature a particularly different flavor and therefore overall tone! This candy bar is by far one of the best of the candy company's line because amazingly rich chocolate has been paired with one of the most world renowned and most recognized cookie brands in the world. Oreo and Milka equals Delicious Chocolate Magic! If you're considering whether to purchase and or sample this chocolate bar, Be warned that it's better than everything you're expecting it to be. By them self alone, Oreo Cookies are without a doubt one of the best non-artisan cookies available, but with layered between Chocolate, it's far better than normal. I found one of these bar by mistake on my travels amongst a ton of other candies, and the only reason I initially bought it was that the Oreos Logo both caught my eye and reminded me of home. I'll never forget biting into that brick of chocolate and thinking Why don't we have these at home!? This is simply one of the best! Period. I'm very glad that when I'm not traveling, I can other these great products online, and have them delivered to my home, office, or sent to my friends and family as gifts. Everyone always seems to ask me to bring them a bar of this candy for their birthday!

Jordi Rudd Hughes
02.07.2013 17:27
I live in Australia where 'Milka' is not readily available; last christmas however, I discovered it in Italy. After requesting a family friend to buy me some white chocolate I discovered the wonderful taste of Milka. Over those 4 weeks in Italy i had 3 blocks a week trying all varieties my favourits include: Oreo, white and strawberry. The vast variety available trumps other chocolate makers, resisting Lindt and Cadbury was a hard ask as trying new foods is not something that i like to do. This push over the line by my host has opened a whole new world of chocolate for me and i'm finding it irresistible, that is why i'm here shopping online and requesting it from friends in italy and france at the moment. If you are considering a purchase of this remarkable product then i implore you to go ahead, this chocolate is great. There is a huge mark in quality between local corner-store chocolate and this delicious block of goodness (it is also comparible to godness) I'm going to italy again this christmas and one of my top priorities will be Milka; i plan to bring back a number of blocks for friends... Or maybe i'll just enjoy it for myself...

25.07.2013 05:49
I discovered this chocolate over a month ago when I went overseas. The first place I tried it from was Barcelona and I would get it in every country that had it when I continued my trip! Oreo is definitely my favourite! My sister and I would eat it basically everyday! I also enjoyed the biscuits! I wish we had it in Australia but it is probably a good thing we do not because I would constantly be eating it! I actually bought about 10 blocks back to Australia for myself and for my friends to try because I love it so much! But I have finished it all now and I need more as soon as possible!!

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