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Item:     Milka Grapes Nuts 5x100g

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Milka Chocolate Grapes & Nuts

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Mohammad Mehdi Pour
16.12.2013 03:41
Milka it's chocolate grow up with I have never forgotten taste and it's best chocolate ever tried.since my childhood Milka was chocolate I loved to eat specially Grapes with nuts taste , but since I am now living in australia I have always missing taste of Milka chocolate while Milka it's not available in Australia . When ever I wanted chocolate in my childhood and any occasion Milka was the one it's taste never forget and I would wish they were available in Australia . All my relative and family bought me Milka in my childhood as they knew this is chocolate I always like.Milka has got a lot variety taste with feel of freshness of all the ingredients use in making this special chocolate. I want thank you for ongoing quality of Milka chocolate as it's feel taste same delicious and enjoyable chocolate ever. This is chocolate all my family enjoy and love to eat its incomparable taste of chocolate Could you please consider to export Milka to Australian market I am sure it will have very good market as there is no any chocolate I could compare taste with Milka. Thank you for time and appreciated for reading my story

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