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Item:     Milka Chocolate&Biscuits 270g

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270g Milka Chocolate&Biscuits

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28.08.2012 02:05
I travelled to Europe at the start of this year with my friend, and before arriving, I had never heard of Milka Chocolate before. My friend, on the other hand, was obsessed with a particular flavour of Milka! We must have searched through about 20 different grocery shops in about 5 different countries to find this flavour, without luck. Finally, in a little shop in The Netherlands, we found it! She was beside herself, and had to resist buying 10 blocks of it. I bought a block, seeing as she was convinced that it was the most amazing chocolate in the world. And after tasting it, I have to agree. It is the best flavour of Milka ever, and probably my favourite kind of chocolate! I'm about to order some for her birthday since we can't get this particular flavour ('schoko and keks') in Australia. Looking forward to stealing some from her! I haven't tried many other flavours but seeing as this flavour is so great, I will probably order some other flavours later this year. I hope Australia starts to get more flavours of Milka, because at the moment we just have one or two. Definitely not enough in my opinion!

18.11.2012 13:54
my sister loves this chocolate from her year spent in germany and this will make a great christmas present

18.11.2012 14:01
my sister as part of her university course spent a year in leipzig in germany. every time we went to see her she would always have milka schoko chocolate and it was her favourite. when she came home from germany she brought lots with her including my favourite one the trio one where it is a layer of milk chocolate with a layer of dark chocolate on top and then topped of with a little bit of white chocolate that is the best but according to her no its not its this one thats the best. Often we have been lucky enough to get the chocolate in duty free including in cardiff, bristol, paris and edinburgh but unfortunately lately we havent been able to get this chocolate what so ever. When my parents were in turkey recently they got us one with rice in it which didnt sound very nice but i was actually of but i think she deffinately prefers the first one she ever tried the milka shoko and keks so i thought for her christmas i could suprise her by getting her some of her favourite chocolate bars since it has been so long since she has managed to get it. so here is hoping that she likes this idea.

13.02.2013 11:57
I travelled to Bangkok & Vietnam in January 2013 with my husband & 3 children, on the way home we had a 6 hour stopover in Bangkok airport and as I perused the duty free shops came across this milka chocolate, buy 3 x 300gm bars & get 1 free, I bought the chocolate packed it in the bag, after arriving home we had a couple of pieces the following night with a cup of tea, the chocolate was all gone in 2 days, we are hooked, I can't find any in Sydney.

09.04.2013 17:03
I lived Spain and loved milka chocolates..although I am gluten-free so I can't eat this kind, but my sister and friend both LOVED it. I am buying it for a gift:)

07.07.2013 17:12
I and my sisters love milka chocolate, specially this flavour. We can't get it in where we live so we have to go to abroad to buy it, which is sad. This is so far theee best chocolate we've tasted!

02.10.2013 14:06
Me And my husband travelled to Europe and just loved milka chocolate with the biscuits. I bought 5 blocks to bring home and my husband left them in the hotel mini bar fridge. We realized when we got home to Australia. I was shattered!! Can not forgive him. Tastes so good! :p the chocolate biscuit milka is a bit too sweet but the plain biscuit is amazing!! I would also like to try the rice crunch flavor and the praline one. My friend also LOVES milka. She and her sister filled up an entire bag full if them. Haha.

01.11.2013 20:08
In my country there are many different brands of chocolate, however I have always only bought the Milka one. Let's face it, it's the best!!! Especially the biscuit one - it just can't be compared with the other brands. Since I'm studying in England at the moment, I can't get a hold of Milka chocolate so easily. So whenever I travel to UK, I always make my way to the Duty Free before my flight and get a few biscuit bars for myself. But, when I came to UK, I shared a bit of my chocolate and biscuit Milka with my boyfriend (he never had it before!). Needless to say the whole chocolate bar (300g) disappeared in less than a few hours. He simply loved it! And said it is the best chocolate he ever had! Now, whenever I travel back home and to UK again, I always make sure I go to the shop and buy, not only one or two, but at least five bars. Unfortunately, I will not be traveling any time soon, so I thought I wouldn't be able to get the chocolate from anywhere. But thankfully I found this page and can now order some, and provide a perfect present for my dearest :)

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