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Item:     Casali Rum Kokos

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Caribbean rum with coco substance and Austrian chocolate, what a wonderful combination. Chocolate dragees with liquid alcoholic filling and coconut-milk chocolate coating.

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Diana Matt
17.07.2012 22:09
Can you also supply the Casali coffee balls

Diana Matt
17.07.2012 22:17
I really enjoyed the Casali Rum-Kokos but my all time favorite was the Casali balls filled with espresso liquer inside. I would like to get both products, but especially the Casali balls filled with espresso. Can you help this US citizen get these in Florida or can I order through you??? Hoping to hear good news about this. :)

27.08.2012 22:26
I used to eat Casali Rum-kokos candy all the time when I still lived in Europe. I love the rich chocolate flavor and the crunchy coconut shell and the liquid rum filling is the perfect finish. This treat is very rich and I definitely can not handle eating more than a couple of them at any one time. However after moving to the US I have not seen them anywhere. Just recently I decided to look up online if it is sold anywhere in the US for a reasonable price. I came up to a couple of websites and was able to find a couple with prices that I would be willing to pay for this treat. I have to say though that this sweet is not for everyone. I have friends in the US who can not stand the flavor of this candy, for them it is too sweet and the rum is way too strong, So if you do not like rum or other strong alcoholic drinks then I do not think this is the treat for you. I can not wait to taste this candy again, it is definitely one of the candies that I miss the most here.

24.10.2012 22:07
hello, my name is randy stephenson i live in whittier calif, USA, i have a 13 yr old son, and he goes to school with a little girl name sarah gisinger, her parents came from austria 21 years ago, they moved into our neighborhood 10 years ago and i met them from our kids in school, last christmas petra (the mother) went back to austria to visit her mother, and bought me a kilo, of casalis rum kokos, i was very happy and surprised she had thought of me, so i opened the bag and put one in my mouth and chewed on it WOW what a quick surprise it was, and everyone sat and laughed at the face i was making, then mario, told me the way to eat them and enjoy them is too put the casali rum kokos in my mouth and suck on them and let the chocolate melt down to the sugar and rum, then let the sugar disolve and the mixture between the chocolate and the suagr and rum go so good together it was like falling in love again. i was addicted to them ever since, so a few months ago i went online and found the austian online store and placed an order of 2 kilo,s and have enjoyed them everyday, i ran out last week and want to make another purchace of 5 kilos since the holidays are upon us and would like to share them with my american friends and neightbors, i have never tasted chocolate so smooth and delicious her in america, and believe casalis has perfected the candy delites with the perfect amount of cocnut and rum in each piece, i will be buying them for many years to come, many of my friends have asked me where i gry them and i share the austrian online store to them all, thank you very much,,,thank you

Yvonne McLeod
08.01.2017 01:26
I run an exchange program and our family had a young girl from Austria staying with us a few years ago. She has come to visit a few times and more recently came over the Christmas holidays with a beautiful gift bag filled with different chocolate, these run balls were included. AMAZING!!!!!!

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