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Item:     Almdudler 4x2l

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The big Almdudler bottle.

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Alexander Szølløsi
18.06.2012 15:14
det lige hvad i er mand.

Karen Stankiewicz
21.08.2012 02:47
I was an au pair in Germany, and the host family took me on a ski vacation in Bavaria. While there, they insisted that I try this drink! At first, I didn't notice anything special about the flavour, but the more I drank it, the more I loved it! I was really sad when I could not find it where I was living, but then I went to visit my friend who was an au pair in Austria, and found it there again! I tried to stock up on it while I knew where I could find it, but I drank through it quicker than I thought I would. At the end of my contract with the family, I flew to London, not knowing when I would ever find it again. Luckily, while trekking through Europe in the weeks leading up to going home, I found it again in Germany and Austria. My suitcases were already so incredibly stuffed that I couldn't fit much more in them, but I managed to bring back 2 0.5L bottles. I drank one almost right away once I got back to Canada, and the other had been sitting in my fridge for so long, because I was waiting to give it to my friend once she got back from Austria. She said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. I'm glad I gave it to her, but now I really want more! Though I wish I could find it in Canada, buying it online is the closest thing I've got.

25.03.2013 17:35
I went to the Zugspitze and tried Almdudler for the first time, it was a real shock when I opened the bottle, all the smell turned over my head. But then I tasted it... It was WONDERFULL!!! I got 2 bottles extra and brought it back to my home.

Max Werner
06.12.2013 10:22
Don't let my name fool you, I'm not German or Austrian. I live in Finland. However, My family and I have a thing of visiting Austria and German in holidays, and guess what we always buy? Almdudler. We love it. I still remember the first time I tasted Almdudler, I never thought I would taste anything as perfect as it would be. Since then, always when we are in Germany or Austria, we try find ourselves Almdudler to drink, and later on to bring home with us. You could say we are addicted to it. But who wouldn't be? Almdudler is like a drink from the heavens. I'm glad I found this page, now I know where to get Almdudler from, even when I'm at my own home land! Still, I do wish they would start selling Almdudler at local stores, would be much easier to get the drinks, and not having to wait for the shipping! Oh well, can't complain, can I? My friends who have also tasted Almdudler love it, and I don't blame them ;) Almdudler is the best drink out there, beats them all, even the popular Cola! Thank you for having this site, I will totally bookmark it up for future orders!

Veli-Pekka Hiltunen
11.08.2015 19:01
I am also from Finland. I visited my pals at Vienna and tried Almdudler. Fell in love also.. The flavour is just amazink !

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