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The famous Alpine Herbal Beverage is already a bit of cultural asset. Behind Coca Cola, Almdudler is the second most popular soft drink in Austria.

Almdudler with it's refreshing herbal taste, makes Austria happy since 1957!

Attention: Almdudler glass is not included!


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emelie suni
30.07.2012 04:08
i tasted almdudler the first time a few years ago in austria on a vacation and i loved it every time we went back to austria i drank it, but now its been two years ago since i drinked it and i miss it so much its something everybody who goes to austria shold taste its delicious.

emelie suni
30.07.2012 04:16
i tasted almdudler the first time a few years ago in austria on a vacation and i loved it every time we went back to austria i drank it, but now its been two years ago since i drinked it and i miss it so much its something everybody who goes to austria shold taste its delicious. Every time i go to austria in the future i will walk up a mountain and drink it there because almdudler on the mountain is really wonderful. I wait so much to the next time i have a chance to drink almdudler im so much of it that it feels like ive never had a break from drinking it . But for now i have to be happy with the beverages here in finland . I will buy a stock home next time so i dont feel so bad that im not in austria

anna marie sprenger
22.10.2012 19:21
I discovered Almdudler in Vienna when my parent took me on vacation there. I loved it! My father then ordered me a case of it (I live in the U.S.). I now drink a can on special occasions. I want more!

04.11.2012 19:33
Almdudler is really, truly, the shit! We went to Innsbruck, Austria for a week last summer (lovely lovely scenery going by aircraft to Innsbruck, btw), and we were starving by the time we landed. Got our rental car, and drove quite aimlessly towards the city centre, to find something to eat. We stopped at a quite ordinary-looking pizza place, and at the soft drink refrigerator, we spotted Almdudler. It looked cool, compared to all the standard cokes and fantas, so we tried it. It was absolutely delicious! After that, all four of us went crazy about Almdudler. It was incredibly hot outside the whole week, and we were doing a lot of training and physical activity, and having an Almdudler for drink after a sweaty run was just perfect! I remember especially one time in Igls after a sprint race, when it was more than 35 degrees C and hot as a baking oven. When we had finished the race, we went to a small hotel that had a remarkably green pool and we could swim for free if we ordered something from the bar. So we went there, dove into the lovely cooling water, and afterwards enjoyed the sun with a big bottle Almdudler. Fabulous!!!

21.03.2013 11:08
I went to Europe back in 2008 and i stayed one of my friend's home in Germany. i tasted Almdudler first time with my first meal in Germany. it was truly new taste and new world. wow!!!! i was drinking everyday until i came back to Australia. after i came back i met my husband and we had our first child in Perth. i was craving for this drink but did not know where i could get it worsth part is i couldnt remember the name of this drink. i cried and begged to my husband to get it for me almost before i gave birth.. i now settled in Canberra, after 3and half years i found this crazy craving drink name!!!! before i called Almdudler as Austria brown water=) So excited to drink again and feel the europe once again. I am going to introduce to my friends in Canberra once i recieve my babies.

12.04.2013 16:59
My mother originates from Austria so I visit on frequent occasions. Although this is a soft drink as child I had never tasted it. and only disovered how refreshing it was once i was an adult and driving to Austria, most years. Once tried I was hooked and one of the last things I would do before leaving Austria would be to leave the autobahn drive to the nearest supermarket and stock up on Almdudler and Manner schnitten! I certainly recieved a few strange looks from the cashiers and certainly the car weighed more on leaving the carpark. I was once stopped at the English border and was asked to see in the boot, and there was my Almdudler, he had no idea what this was and thought it was an alcoholic drink, despite my assurances, he couldn't read German so took the bottle inside to check. To be fair he wasn't long and returned with a smile and allowed me on my way without further delay. One of the most enjoyable and relaxing times was when I visited Almsee and on a sunny afternoon sat outside at a gasthaus and with a great view of the lake, had an apfel strudel and Almdudler, nothing better

Alicia Knight
24.04.2013 07:25
I was born in the US but as a baby my family moved to Vienna Austria. I spent the first 12 years of my life in the beautiful city of Wien eating Tichy's, Schokobananen, and Knabanossi... and , of course, drinking Almdudler. My sister and I used to save our Schillings and once a week we would go down to the corner Kielpunct and buy some candy and a can of Almdudler. The other American kids I knew who lived in Wien were always talking about the American treats that they had shipped in. Orange Crush, snickers bars (which you couldn't buy in Vienna at that time) skittles, and Doritos. I didn't quite get it. Aside from the Doritos, would take an Almdudler and a bar of Milka (which you couldn't find in the States at that time) over all those American treats any day of the week. Well, now I am all grown up. I live in Michigan with my own family and I try and tell them stories of my childhood. Now days you can find just about any kind of treat or snack at an import store or specialty candy shop... but I still have never come across a can of Almdudler. So I'm going to order a whole bunch. I can't wait to share it with my family.

12.05.2013 13:04
I found some Almdudler at the Vic Market, Melbourne, Australia, and I am addicted, can't get enough!

02.12.2013 21:49
My son tasted Almdudler while he was stationed in Germany, he went to Austria where he found Almdudler and loves it. he always ask for it and i am so happy to find this site. SO Christmas for my son will be Almdudler. Also Mozart Kuggeln for my daughter. Thanks

12.01.2014 14:45

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