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Item:     Almdudler 6x1l

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Almdudler 6x1l

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Jeff Sather
09.06.2012 22:06
I spent 3 months living in austria a few years ago with different host family as part of a IFYE exchange. One of the first things I was introduced to was Almdudler and with just one taste i was hooked. I stayed with four different families in different areas of the country and everyone of them had Almdudler on hand and never ran out. The best story I have it was at a Halloween party in Arriach. They didn't really celebrate halloween but it was an excuse to have a party so thats what we did. Here they gave me a Almdudler and Bacardi drink. Delicious!! Thats what we drank the rest of the evening and being the only american in the pub I never had to buy a drink. Extremely friendly people in Austria we had a blast. That was also the first time I found out that the pubs never close there either people just simply leave eventually when they are tired. I was done at about two which is what time bars close here but my host brother and friends did not quit til six am and then continued at home til eight. But i will never forget it!!

Annabel scott
17.06.2013 10:55
I visited Austria in 2006 with my secondary school skiing in Zel am see. We drank this stuff every single day and when we returned home none of us could remember how it was spelt or anything. It has took me to now on 2013 to find a stockist of the drink and I hope it's been worth it! I live in the UK and we all love this stuff, just wish it was accessible here also.

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