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Item:     Mozart Mini Gold

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Mozart Crème de chocolat Gold 20ml

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Boryana Antonova
13.07.2014 22:22
Hello, I am Boryana Antonova from Sofia, Bulgaria. Me and my future husband have met in Austria and now are arranging our wedding. We love so much Austrian souvenirs and products and that is why we want to ask you if we can order 50 little bottles of Mozart Mini Gold for the Big Day :) Moreover, i have experienced in playing violin and Mozart is my favourite compositor. Can You please tell me if we can make such order and how much would it costs? Thank You in advance! Best Regards, Boryana Antonova!

Ye Yanqiong
07.04.2015 10:51
Hello, this is Kate from Hungary. We met this lovely little bottle of these products 2 months ago in a supermarket when we travel to Attersee. We love them so much. Can we order some of them? We would like to order white and gold little bottles, 25 bottles each. Look forwards to your reply! Thanks very much!

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