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Big Austrian Seppl

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Item:     Mozart Mini White

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White Mozart Liqueur

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15.12.2013 05:17
On a trip to Austria to explore our family roots several years ago we discovered these wonderful spirits. My grandparents were both from Austria. We had never been to Europe before and didn't know what to expect. Our trip to Austria was spectacular..... the food... the scenery... the history... but especially the Mozart chocolates and liquors made everything memorable. These spirits are perfect as after dinner beverages or simply as a relaxing late night treasure along with a lite-snack. These spirits are also a perfect way to introduce people to the delights and pleasures of Austria. We give the small bottles often as gifts to celebrate special occasions: birthdays; holidays; New Year's celebrations; Christmas gifts. They are always a wonderful surprise. Everyone loves European specialties. Thy are smooth tasteful and intriguing. We feel good about introducing friends and family to such wonderful beverages. Now.. it is almost a family tradition. Friends and family have come to expect these spirits as gifts and are disappointed if we get them something else. Your products have given us and others joy as well as refreshing our memories of our wonderful Austrian vacation. Thank you.

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