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Item:     Manner Schnitten 4pcs

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"Chocolate for everyone"

This was Josef Manner's motto when he founded the confectionery dynasty in 1890. At the time, chocolate was a luxury item. One kilogram of chocolate cost the equivalent of two day's work for the average labourer.


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07.02.2013 20:22
When I was in Austria I fell in love with this waffle. Usually I am not a waffle-person but Manner Schnitt made me eat one and I am very happy that I found my favorite piece of deliciousness. The cream has a very silky, chocolaty, nutty taste which I would never resist to have one. At the end this is a thing that a man must eat couple of hundred times in his lifetime

20.02.2013 21:18
My grandmother was borned in Vienne, she is Austrian, and I am french. When I was young, she always bought this waffle when she traveled in her family in Austria, I have very good memories with them, I love them and all my family too. When I found your site I was very pleased, that's why I orderer lots of time their waffles. I remember when they have been100 years old, because my boss was in Vienne for job, and I askes him to buy Manner Schnitten for me the packaging was very beautiful. They are very good !

16.04.2013 15:04
I drive to Austria regularly as my mother originates from Austria. Manner schnitten along with Almdudler, is on of the regular 'stock ups' that I carry out just before driving over the border. Try to chose a reasonable size of supermarket as I do load up with plenty of packs, my favourite being the original hazelnut wafer. I have sometimes managed to buy some Manner schnitten in the UK but for over a year I've not found anywhere to easily buy them. I have relatives in Vienna and I happened to be there for my birthday and we spent a day in the centre, the highlight of which was visiting the Manner shop near Stephans dom. I came out with a stupid grin on my face clutching a T shirt and a large tin of the wafers all of which had been paid for by my father as a birthday present. He said that was the easiest present decision he had had to make! Considering I was well into adulthood at the time I suppose you could say it was a bit childish, but eating Manner schnitten (& where possible drinking almdudler) always brings a smile to my face and a feeling of relaxation.

Moody Val
26.10.2013 23:12
This brings back so many memories! I went to Austria several times as a kid, on skiing holidays with school and we always had Manner biscuits as an afternoon snack. That's where I learned about them, now over 30 years ago. They are so good and soft, but with a very distinguished taste and I will always remember that taste, no matter how old I get. Our school bought them as well and my mother (who worked in the school kitchen) would always order extra for herself, so she could bring them home with her. Throughout my childhood, I have often eaten Manner biscuits as an afternoon snack in school, or simply as a snack whenever I felt like eating something light. I am delighted to find them available online and I am not going to wait until I know if I win the voucher or not. I will be ordering a few packs and I will be bringing back memories for both me and my mother. I like Manner biscuits a lot more than Cent Wafers for instance. They taste better and the biscuit itself is softer as well, which makes them a much better product in my eyes. Yummy Yum!!!

09.11.2013 12:24

David Vahlkamp
20.11.2013 08:44
I have worked in Austria for 9 years as a snowboardteacher. The first day I started I was offered a Manner by the owner of the skischool. from that day on I cannot leave Austria without a BIG bag of schnitten. Nowadays I am salesrepresentative for Austria and every time I visit the country or when my customers visit me, I make sure to have some at home. No day is good without a Manner!!!

10.12.2014 17:30
Fantastic for afternoon

Shawla Pettit
13.07.2015 21:41
Love these.

Dusan Logo
17.08.2017 19:18
Great waffle

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