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Item:     Darbo Apricot 200g

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Darbo Apricot Jam 200g

It is in the nature of things that 70% fruit content tastes 100% better.

More fruit, less sugar - the Darbo secret for lots of flavour and fewer calories. Give Darbo All Natural Fruchtreich with 70% fruit content a try.

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Margaret Stauffer
22.08.2012 11:03

Karen Vallen
02.09.2012 03:09
I have to agree with Margaret Stauffer---especially the reference to Sachertorte, which is what I just made and the apricot jam was amazing underneath the icing. The spreadability of the product is excellent, unlike preserves that I have used in the past. My mother brought back a few small jars of this delicious jam from her trip to Vienna, and I am so glad that she did. The rose apricots are indeed tasty, and I love the fact that the sugar does not outweigh the fruitiness of this treat. I enjoy spreading it on whole wheat English muffins, but as I mentioned the main use I will have for Darbo is in the preparation of Sachertorte. I would like to try other flavors, but I am convinced that the apricot will still be my favorite. I am so excited to see this product featured on your website. Thank you!

Linda Brown
05.11.2013 16:53
I have been eating D'Arbo jam for many years. I visit family in Austria and Luxembourg every year, but current luggage restrictions make it impossible to bring back a year's supply. I have systematically eliminated every apricot jam sold in the US, and there is NO better to be had anywhere. Breakfast is not the same without it, and it is a wonderful addition to a fruit tart.

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