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Item:     Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

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100 pieces Mirabell Mozartkugeln from Salzburg.


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Doreatha Johnson
12.06.2012 22:51
A friend vacationed in Italy 17years ago and brought this chocolate back and gave it to me. I saved the box ( I still have) and have been looking for it in the USA, no luck, found it online. Once you taste this chocolate you will never forget the flavor. Can't wait for my chocolate!

amalia pellicer
16.06.2012 23:54

jonathan wu
27.06.2012 06:58
i was in vienna for a month in april, and had a fabulous time there. i was able to fully enjoy the concerts, operas, and theatres, but the most memorable pleasure for me was the chocolates. i didn't have enough room to carry back the chocolates because i had limited luggage space, and i have been hunting for some for a long time. i've been meaning to try and spread the word to many others, but have not been able to convince others because of no hard bodied evidence. i'm hoping that this chocolate is exactly what i've been looking for. the mozartkugeln has been famous because of its filling inside where they can sometimes have ground pistacchio and caramel inside. simply tastes amazing. would encourage anyone in the future to order some, or rather to go to vienna and have some mozartkugeln along with some cappaccino at a local restaurant. they can melt perfectly in your mouth or serve as something chewable inside. i really can't wait, and a lot of my friends are begging me to offer them some chocolate once i receive it. many thanks in advance to this online store for being able to send this across the ocean for me and my friends!

Gloria Gjeltema
04.07.2012 07:31
My son just married a lovely girl from Austria and they had these at the wedding. They are absolutely wonderful and I have to say, I ate more than my fair share. These will make wonderful Christmas gifts for people in the States.

Marisa SorBello
05.07.2012 02:22
I used to work for a company that had an office in Vienna, and when one of the sales staff visited California, he brought me a small box of Mozartkugeln. Everyone in the office went crazy for them, and every time I've gone to Austria or Hungary, I've brought back several boxes of these delicious chocolates. It's possible to get the other brand here in California, but they're just not the same. It has to be Mirabell! Once, I filled an entire carry-on bag with various types of Mirabell products and everyone I knew got Mirabell chocolates for Christmas that year. There should be a Mozartkugeln Anonymous group for people like me...

Dan Clifton
02.08.2012 02:24

07.08.2012 00:39
My cousin would visit us from Austria and bring us these chocolates all the time and we would devour them. They are without a doubt the best chocolate out there. Unfortuantely, he hasn't brought them with him the past few years and I have been in search of them. I decided to finally go ahead and purchase them.

Kerry Walker
10.08.2012 01:18
My boyfriend from Linz introduced me to Mozartkugeln when we visited Salzburg 3 years ago. Maybe it was the beautiful mountains or my wonderful Austrian boyfriend, but I immediately fell in love with the little chocolate delights of Mozartkugeln. I stocked up on Mirabell Mozartkugeln at the local SPAR back in Linz and brought them back to England for my friends and co-workers to enjoy. Naturally, everyone adored them. The following year, we again stocked up on Mozartkugeln in Austria and brought them to my family while we visited them together in Canada. Here again, the chocolates were a hit. It seems they are an international sensation, fit for even the blandest British or roughest Atlantic Canadian palettes. It is perhaps a good thing for the cardiovascular health of the rest of the world that original Mozartkugeln, upon which one is initially hooked, are only available in Salzburg. Of course, that also makes a fine excuse to visit Salzburg. More recently, my boyfriend and I have become engaged and so obviously we need a fresh supply of Mozartkugeln to give to our wedding guests. And so I find myself writing an essay on my love for both my Austrian fiance and Mozartkugeln in order to save 10 Euro for our wedding treat!

18.08.2012 17:51
I had tasted these Mozart chocolate balls before thanks to some friends that brought them after going to Austria on vacation. When I decided to go to Vienna myself I knew I had to buy some too. I never thought they would be so popular. You can get them anywhere and in all types of boxes and souvenirs. Definitely this is one of my best memories of Austria

Mario Zekkour
04.09.2012 19:12
Almost a decade ago I was on a family trip over Europe, my dad and I loved your Chocolates so we went to Salzburg and bought a lot I mean a really lot of them like 7 pakages, does were supposed to last till we go back to mexico and give them as gifts, after that we went to Italy Venice to be precise, we were cgonna stay there for 3 days and my dad put the bag with chocolates inside an old closet on the room of the Hotel after a few minutes on the last day on Venice we were taking the train to Milan when I wanted a chocolate and then bum they were left on the room, on the closet of the Hotel and I was so sad about it!! a few years bak a friend brought me one chocolate back I remember that experience once I tasted!! thank you love your product

07.09.2012 19:45

21.09.2012 20:17
I got hooked in 1988 when I vacationed in Salzburg/Seeham with my father. Next year I plan to take my boyfriend for a visit.

Rodney A. Reindl
26.09.2012 04:20
In 1996, my wife and i made a trip, our first, to Germany to visit my cousin and family for the first time.During our visit, we were able to visit Salzberg, Austria for a couple of days where we were introduced to Mozart kugeln. We found them extremely addictive. On each trip subsequently to Germany, we have loaded up on kugeln to the extent that our baggage would hold. Our last trip (concluded 3 days ago) we brought back a number of packages to give as gifts to my Oncologist, our son and daughter And sev eral dear friends. Would that we could have brought back several baggage containers. We hoard what we have but, discovering this website, our hoarding days may well be over! They are one of the most uniq1ue sweets that we have had the opportunity to taste. Those with whom we have shared feel the same. When my oncologist discovered that we were going to Germany and V ienna, Austria, he almost begged that we bring back some of the Mozart kugeln and we obliged. My wife took some down to the senior choral group that she belongs to; the girls were suitably excited and very complimentary (and scarfed them up).

Carole O
11.10.2012 13:53
There are certain foods whose flavour encompasses all five taste sensations - sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and umami (deliciousness and the feeling of a lingering flavour). Mozart Kugeln embraces all of these and in doing so are able to evoke for me a feeling of place. When I mention place, I do not mean a location or site, a city or part of the countryside, but instead I mean a space to which I attach meaning; a place where I feel for one reason or another I belong or some part of my identity has been formed there. This is the case for me with Salzburg. I visited it only once when i was young, and found it to be a beautiful city, with sharp mountains rising up in the background, the air stiff with freshness, and a wondrous, cyan sky that unfolded above us. We seemed to be protected. Our family had travelled to many countries in the world, and each had their individual character. Biting into a Mozartkuglen was like experiencing an entire universe, wrapped in its distinctive golden paper. This little orb signified to me Salzburg and, even today, still reminds me of the Salzburg of my youth and, wider still, the Austria that Salzburg recalls. It is a world in miniature, a taste that triggers memory, place, and imagination.

Melanie Webley
18.10.2012 15:02
I discovered these delicious Mozart Kugeln chocolates last christmas when I purchased the gorgeous looking box in our earthquake striken city. Imagine my delight to discover these delicious chocolates inside the delightful looking box. I am what you would consider a conniseur of chocolate from around the world, sampling many of Europe's delights despite living across the other side of the world from these amazing countries. I have a wonderful relative who sends me regular parcels of various chocolates he comes across in his travels through out Europe. He had yet to send me some of these however. When I questioned him about this after discovering these delicious delights he thought he had already sent me some. I have only ever purchased one box from a shop which specialises in chocolates from around the world. After tasting them, of course I needed more. When I went back to get more they had all sold. I questioned the shop owner if he would be importing more but he said not until next christmas. Despite looking everywhere for them I have yet to discover them again in my city. The memory of the chocolates linger in my mind and I look forward to being able to taste and enjoy their parcels of chocolate supreme once again. And now I have discovered this site I can order them for my own delight. Thank you for delivering world wide.

18.10.2012 20:13
My father visited Austria sometime in the mid 1980s, when I was about 5-6 years old, bringing these ones with him when coming back (together with a heart shaped pillow smelling of lavender for me, which I still have); I can so vividly remember him coming home, to me it seemed very late and I was in my pajamas all set & sorted for bed, when coming home he came into the dining room, standing by the dining table unpacking his luggage, including a round little plastic tub of these Mozartkugeln. To me, back then, the flavor of these confectioneries was rather complex but I remember being very fascinated by the green marzipan and I taught the shape and sort design of the chocolate really wonderful. Nearly ten years later I visited Austria myself, where I myself visited a shop selling Mozart chocolates in all wonderful shapes and forms - the smells, flavors and wonderful vivid colors of this shop is still with me now almost twenty years later (together with the memories of Sachertorte and Vienna coffee). Unfortunately, the availability Mirabell Mozartkugeln is rather limited her in England, where I live now, only online supplies available, have occasionally purchased 'alternative' Mozart chocolates but nothing can compare to Mirabell's kugeln.

Ferdinand Iskandar
19.10.2012 05:10
I had this 13 years ago when I was in the United states, but still cannot forget the taste of this succulent treat. Have been trying to remember the name and voila only today I remember and start googling it. Wonder if they can ship to Indonesia????

Ferdinand Iskandar
19.10.2012 05:32
The first time I had this small bundle of luscious chocolate treat was in United States of America during my college years. From the first bite I know that this is what dream was made of. I just could not resist this delicious treats every time we stopped by to the specialty shop near the apartment. During that time as a college student this chocolate ball is quite expensive but believe me if you try once you will never ever stop eating them. I always buy them around 10 - 20 pieces and always hide them from my room mates as I know they like them also. Now I live in Indonesia and believe me I have been trying to find this little bugger every where and just not available. Went to Singapore as well and could not find them. Imagine how happy i am now that you guys are selling this online. I am married now and have one daughter, will let her try as well and we will she if she love this chocolate as much as her father does. I do hope you deliver this to Indonesia because if you don't I really do not know where else to find this.

Deanna Burkhart
24.10.2012 03:26
We are going to be in Austria for our 25th wedding anniversary trip in the Spring. I have heard about these from some friends who have travelled there before. I am very excited to buy some and bring them home for myself and my family!

Monica Reds
08.11.2012 19:13
nice chocolates :)

Miguel Bonilla
18.11.2012 16:47
I work in a multilingual office in Spain and my colleagues and myself travel a lot. Everytime we go on vacation, we always bring sweets, chocolates or drinks that are popular in the country we have visited. That's how I got to know these Mozart chocolate balls a couple of years ago, since everytime one of my colleagues went on a trip to Austria, they always brought many of them. Finally this year I travelled myself to Vienna for a few days and I saw these mozart balls everywhere: souvenir shops, supermarkets, the airport... I ate lots of them and bought them in different packages :) Definitely these are one of the best chocolates I have ever tasted. Unfortunately I have not managed to find any place in my home city where I can get them... I guess they're not that popular abroad yet! So searching the net in order to find out how to buy them and that's how I came across this website. I'm not sure how often I will buy Mozart balls here - I should look after my weight :P - but at least I will get a few soon to sweeten my next Xmas.

20.11.2012 20:18
I love marzipan and this chocolate goes over and beyond anything I could have ever expect out of a chocolate. The first time I tried this chocolate was as a kid at my grandparents place. They had a mini bar in the living room that was under the key. Sometimes, with whiskey and liquors, they would put there boxes of chocolates from guests. I knew where they held the key, and sometimes, when they would have their afternoon nap, I would check if there is any chocolate in the mini-bar. One time a funny shaped box with Mozart was there. It was unopened-which meant no, but the scent of it was just incredible. I knew there was something good in that box. I remember that afternoon waiting for my grandparents to wake up so that I could ask them for some chocolate. Every minute seemed like an hour. When I finally tried it, it was heaven. I found my perfect chocolate. Since the first time I tried Mozart Kugeln I have been obsessed of trying to find them again. It is somewhat difficult to find them in UK stores so I mostly buy them on airports when travelling. However, I have noticed that there are different versions of the chocolates (from different companies) and it was quite underwhelming to eat this after knowing what the real Mozart Kugeln tastes like! Just perfect.

David Johnson
23.11.2012 19:10
My wife & I visited Salzburg in June 2012. We had a great time in the city of Mozart & of course, visited all the Mozart related sites. While in Afghanistan, my wife told me that she wanted Mozartkugln for Christmas. I told her it might be something of a challenge as the Afghans aren't known for their Mozartkugln, but she said my daughter had found them here I am.

Nancy Read
25.11.2012 05:39
I was at school in the UK back many years ago and my sister and I spent our holidays when we could using our student Eurailpasses to go all over. As teenagers, we were always interested in different foods, but especially chocolates! When we visited a friend in Dusseldorf, Germany (this was so long ago, it was still West Germany!), she took us shopping at the Krist Kinder marts and we found so many terrific sweets, but the best of all were the Mozart Kugeln.Whenever we were in Germany or Austria, and in fact any time we were in sweet shop or duty-free anywhere on the continent, we would always look for Mozart Kugeln. To say that we rejoiced whenever we found them would be an understatement! Ever since then, when either or both of us have travelled back to Europe, we always look for them, as it is extremely difficult to get them here in the States, which I really don't understand! They are so wonderful, you would think that they would be sold everywhere. The few times my sister or I have found them here in the States, we've been thrilled. We also know which are the best, and they are difinitely here!

25.11.2012 05:58
Many years ago, when I was at schoo lin the UK, on most of our holidays, my sister and I would use our Eurail student passes to travel around as much as we could. We managed to visit a friend who lived in Dusseldorf, Germany (this was so long ago, it was still West Germany!). SHe took us to all the sightes as well as to a couple of the Krits Kinder Markts, where we found many fun gifts and tremendous sweets, but the best of all were the Mozart Kugeln! We had never even heard of them before where we lived in the UK, and made a habit of any time we travelled on the Continent to get our Mozart Kugeln. Now that we live in the States, it is nearly impossible to find them, which is very sad. The few times we've found them over here, it has always been just around Christmas, and then, for some reason, the shop never gets them back in. Needless to say, I was happy to see that I coul dorder them on line, and will be surprising my sister with a gift of Mozart Kugeln this Christmas (with a few for myself, of course!) Thanks so much!

Sonia Galvan
29.11.2012 02:07
I first tasted these in Salzburg when I visited with my parents when I was 13 years old. Since then I have never gotten back but I have been fortunate enough to hunt down the liquor and different versions of this unforgettable candy.

Angela Cofer
02.12.2012 03:42
My first time in Salzburg was in 1996 when I was studying German at a Goethe Institute in Prien am Chiemsee. We made a group trip there as well as to Vienna. I don't recall if I had my first Mirabell Mozartkugeln on this first visit or on my second visit to Salzburg after I completed my studies at the institute. But I remember how much I liked it and never could get enough of it. While there I also remember buying the Reber brand, and it is was not good. Since then, I have been very careful to remember that I must get the Mirabell which I did on my last trip to Salzburg in 2003. Also, I was so excited to find it in Singapore on my visits there in 1996 and 2001, usually at the airport shops. I have always brought some home with me when I could. It is so wonderful, and I am a chocoholic so it is hard for me to share it with anyone else. I wish it was easier to get here in the US, but I am sure I would gain a thousand pounds eating too much of it. I am so happy to find it in your online shop!!!

Moises Amon
05.12.2012 00:29

09.12.2012 19:41

Karin Schaewe
18.12.2012 23:28
Ich wohne in Amerika und es ist immer wieder schoen, die guten Sachen aus Oesterreich, besonders zu den Feiertaken, zu kosten un daran zu schleckern, vielen Dank.

20.12.2012 03:38

22.12.2012 05:41
Hello, I am Nina from Canada. I am so addicted to those chocolates, and because they are very difficult to find in my country, I must order from your site. I hope I get to visit your country one beautiful day.

Sunyoung Heo
05.01.2013 15:02
When I was on honeymoon, I tasted Mozart Kugeln, it was so amazing!! I couldn't forget the taste. Luckily, I got the box from one of my friends. The box reminded me my lovely and sweet honymoon. :)

08.01.2013 22:29
My first teast was in 1980 during family visit to Austeria. I was hooked. Whenever I am traveling I vist the candy stores at the airport to pick Mozart. last week I was presented with the chocalate and decide to secure my supply through the internet.Her I am trying to place the first order.

14.01.2013 00:03

14.01.2013 00:19

14.01.2013 04:59
I went to Vienna for vacation a month ago, and I had a wonderful time there. I just loved everything about that place. I of course had to go to the most famous chocolate store and buy this awesome MIrabell Mozatkugeln. I think I had purchase the whole store to bring to my home in USA!! now I am ordering from this site now :) can't wait to have them here already!! :)

29.01.2013 02:24

12.02.2013 04:14
We first enjoyed these delicacies while in Vienna in 1997 for AdventSing. Our tour guide introduced them to us & they easily became one of our all-time favorite sweets. We had never tasted anything quite like them & soon were enjoying them on a daily basis. We also stocked up & brought several boxes home to our whole family; we have all been hooked ever since. I saved two of the boxes that we brought home, hoping to find them again here in the States, but I had not had any luck in the past & had finally given up, storing the boxes in a kitchen cabinet & hoping that I would eventually find a source for more of these incredible treats. I recently ran across the saved boxes while cleaning out that kitchen cabinet & decided to try searching online. After all these years, the delicious memory of those decadent chocolates was still very strong, prompting me to see if I could find them once again. I was thrilled to find your website & have the opportunity to order your yummy chocolates. My mouth will be watering with anticipation until they arrive, & I know just getting to enjoy them again will bring the memories of our trip to Vienna alive again. Wonderful!!

20.02.2013 09:03

Luc Moons
26.02.2013 12:19
On March 9th, our music school organises a Mozart happening. We couldn't and wouldn't miss the famous Mozartkugeln as a gastronomic apetiser for the lectures and concerts! They will certainly add to the atmosphere!

Jim Wurzel
28.02.2013 02:24
I first tasted a Mozartkugel in 1980 while visiting Salzburg. It was love at first bite and I have been enjoying them and gifting them ever since. (I actually had one of the wrappers framed and keep it in my office!) They are one of life's true pleasures and should be on everyone's bucket list.

06.03.2013 14:20
As a dutch affliate from a austrian company in healtcare we will severe these wonderfull Mozartkugeln at our booth during a natioal congres. For sure opur customer will visit us for our fine Austrian products but also to grap and taste a bit of Austria

08.03.2013 09:45
My Dad(Viennese) met my Mum (Australian) in 1952 at the Grossglockner when she was hitchhking through Austria with her New Zealand girlfriend. Dad had a Norton motorbike with side-car. Mum got in and Dad said he picked her up for life. When they married in Australia, they had these little delicacies so that Dad had a little bit of Austria at the Wedding.They have become a family tradition for us - at my and my sibling's Christenings, all our Weddings and all our childrens' Christenings. I now live in a small country town in Northern NSW, Australia where we have just started the Donau-Rhein Verein Club for locals with European ancestry. Apart from resurrecting traditional recipes and activities, I introduced the Club to these wonderful little chocolates and they just can't get enough of them now. I will only serve Mirabell !!! I have given up trying to source them in Australia. I'm delighted to have found your site as your service is outstanding - an excellent product delivered in excellent condition and very promptly. And at a very competitive price. I am thrilled that I am able to carry on my family tradition as well as spread the word elsewhere in Australia.

leanne Barnes
31.03.2013 04:21
My husband and I went to Austria 5 years ago and came upon these most delicious chocolates. We have never tasted anything like them before. Now when ever friends go over there we ask them to bring us some back. Now I have found them online, Thankyou.

07.04.2013 15:06
I just cant get enough of these bad boys! Pure awesome!

08.06.2013 04:07
There are certain foods whose flavour encompasses all five taste sensations - sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and umami (deliciousness and the feeling of a lingering flavour).Victor Schmidt's Bag embraces all of these and in doing so is able to evoke for me a feeling of place. When I mention place, I do not mean a location or site, a bathhouse, a city or part of the countryside, but instead I mean a space to which I attach meaning; a place where I feel for one reason or another I belong or some part of my identity has been formed there or taken away. This is the case for me with Salzburg. I visited it only once when i was young, and found it to be a beautiful city, with sharp mountains rising up in the background, the air stiff with freshness, and a wondrous, cyan sky that unfolded above us. We seemed to be protected but it was just an illusion. Our family had travelled to many countries in the world, and each had their individual character. Biting into Victor Schmidt's Bag was like experiencing an entire universe, wrapped in its distinctive golden paper. These orbs signified to me Salzburg and, even today, still reminds me of the Salzburg of my youth and, wider still, my own lost innocence. It is a world in miniature, a taste that triggers memory, place, and images of my first police line up.

24.06.2013 17:40
Absolutely loved it!

06.07.2013 10:07
Our son who, studied in Switzerland and now works for Buhler South Africa, brought a box of Mozart Kugeln for my husband and myself. My husband told me that it was Praline and I would not enjoy them. He polished the box off in one go. When our son came to visit on another occasion,we were drinking coffee from my Nespresso maker. My son asked whether I had tried the Mozart Kugeln as he know I love marzipan. I told him I did not get a chance to even smell them as they were gone in a few seconds. We know that my husband has a sweet tooth, I would say not a sweet tooth more like a Sweet Passion. Fortunately Felix had brought his own Stash with and he showed me how to really enjoy the Kugeln. We commenced with the ritual he had acquired in Switzerland. Make once coffee with cream, naturally, unwrap the Kugeln and place it on a teaspoon. Dip the spoon with Kugeln into coffe and wait a few seconds. I waited with Bated Breath and raised my spoon to soon to see the chocolate still intact. Felix told me it is an art to be learnt and promptly told me to put the Kugeln back into the coffee. At the right moment I was told to lift and place on my tongue. The sensation was astronomical, the contrast of the bitter coffee and the sweet Kugeln, each layer pealing away to reveal the surprise underneath. Felix is travelling to Switzerland in September and I can't wait to have my weekly coffee and Kugeln!

17.07.2013 10:30

joy birch
23.07.2013 21:48

John Brant
27.07.2013 23:34
I first tasted Mirabell Salzburger Mozartkugler back in July of 1969 and have been enthralled ever since. Although there are many other companies that manufacture Mozartkugln, none compare in flavor to the echt Mirabell Mozartkulen. Every annual trip to Europe always included either a trip to Salzburg if possible or searching for Mirabell's Mozartkulen in the local chocolate shops or delicatessans. When ever friends would travel to Europe, they always had a charge to bring back Mirabell Mozartkuglens (not any other brand). Over the years it bagan to get more difficult to find Mirabell and here in the United States they were not available (so I was told). Now discovering them on-line has been a miracle. I don't need to worry about customs questioning why I'm bringing back so many Mozartkuglens back to the US (Don't they sell them here as well? - Not Mirabell!). They make an excellent decadent gift - again something not available locally and thus that much more special. I've even had friends request them specifically as a gift - nothing else. Their unique flavor is unequalled. Thank goodness for the international web - I'll never be without Mirabell Mozartkulen again.

29.07.2013 16:58
Your chocolate is amazing. My friend brought it back with her from Switzerland. The chocolate I could not have consumed to quickly. It is absolutely amazing and I do want more of your chocolate as soon as I possible could. The white chocolate is the best white chocolate...even the best chocolate in general that I have ever had. All of my friends absolutely love love love your Frey Chocolat. It is definitely better than American chocolate. I hope that you can find a way to ship Frey Chocolat over seas so we can all enjoy. I can not find the chocolate at any other website on the world wide web. Is it possible for your chocolate to be sent over seas? I would give this chocolate as a gift because it would be the best present for anyone to ever receive on Easter, Christmas or their birthday! I will always remember this chocolate as it was like eating heaven even though I will probably need to keep working out a lot more because I eat it so much. I only have two very small pieces left. I want to cry. Please tell me you can sent it overseas!

03.08.2013 22:13
I lived in Germany for a while a few years ago, and did a lot of traveling. Of course I had to stop in Austria, and though my time was limited I visited Vienna. I spotted these Mirabell Mozartkugeln right away, and since they were everywhere I looked, decided to buy a small pack. I was not disappointed; they were delicious. The different combination of flavors, the meltaway chocolate, were unlike anything I had tasted before (and I am no stranger to chocolate and desserts!) Fast forward a couple years, to now, and I am still thinking about them and the other European goods that I have searched in vain for here in the States. I discovered a different kind of Mozartkugeln at a German festival recently, but they were not the same and my initial excitement at finding what I thought were the original treasures I remembered faded quickly. Determined to find these chocolates somewhere I came across this website, and am excited about the thought of tasting these pieces of Austrian heaven once again. I am also excited about sharing these with everyone that I've raved about these to, and letting them see for themselves what they've been missing!

Evan Kaliski
07.08.2013 20:13
I was introduced to this product through our affiliate company in Denmark. They used the product as part of a give away at a trade show. When I left the trade show, I could not find the product anywhere in the USA and really wanted it for the tradeshow in the United States. After a little research, I found the product and have ordered it for the past 2 years. Our clients at the tradeshow love this chocolate and continue to come back to us year after year looking for this product.

Paulo Martins
09.09.2013 18:19

Marcy Davis
10.09.2013 18:01
My dad used to travel from Canada to Austria for work a couple of times a year. Every time he would return with a bag full of Mozart chocolates. They were the best chocolate I have ever had, and was a special treat for the family. We would love when he went away because we knew there would be chocolates waiting for us on his return. When his work moved the conferences to another location our family was heartbroken, as we knew we would not be getting our favourite chocolates any more. Luckily for us, my father was able to secure a few more conferences in Europe, although only once a year. This meant we were still able to have Mozart chocolates, and would usually find them in our stockings on Christmas day. My dad has since retired, and does not travel as frequently anymore, but we still take advantage of him whenever he does and make him pick up a gigantic bags of Mozart Chocolates for us when he is there. I am hoping to make it to Europe next year, and will be certain to make a stop for some of those amazing Mozart Chocolates while Im there :)

05.10.2013 12:11
We used to go skiing in Austria when I was little and got our first Mozartkugel. Now it's more than 30 years ago that I ate one. Just now I saw an article of it and water filled my mouth. So one sollution, order it!

07.10.2013 18:21
We love to taste again a Mozartkugel. It has been a long time!

Mary Wegner
19.10.2013 02:00
my family & I love Mozart Kugeln and the Mozart Taler (the discs or coins) Please tell me if I can buy these in Canada, particularly in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thank You.

irene mus malleu
24.10.2013 12:42
I would love to have again the incredible yoghourt-dessert of Mozartkuegel that I tasted in Wien!!!, where can I have it?

27.10.2013 11:20
One of my friends at work used to bring these lovely treats back from Vienna whenever they visited. I just love them. I have now managed to get to Vienna myself and these were definitly on my shopping list. Enjoying them very much but they seem to be disappearing very quickly with the help of my husband. Yummy.

30.10.2013 04:58
i used to work as a secretary at a silhoutte sunglasses outlet branch, they were run by some germans who for christmas that year gave everyone these chocolates. They were and shall always be my favorite candy in this universe, i've been looking for them all over and thank goodness i finally found them for purchase online. I am buying them as a birthday gift to myself this year since it has been so very long since i have enjoyed this. some time in the future i would love to visit germany in person and see where they are made and eat them in the place they are from. Even now my mouth is watering over the thought of ordering these for myself this month. I may be a month late for my birthday gift to myself, but these candies are worth the wait. I cannot decide if the big box will be enough to last or if i should order two instead just to make sure they span thru more then just a few days. Either way i am lucky to have remembered the name and found this website for my favorite candy. Now if only they had a shop here in New York.

31.10.2013 04:55
very tasty chocolates martzipans that our whole family enjoys

Diane Roberts
09.11.2013 09:12
Both my mother and son visited Austria separately this past summer and came home raving about your chocolates! I'd love to be able to give them some as gifts this Christmas to celebrate their trips (and try some myself!). Thank you!

12.11.2013 05:28
Recently, I spent six lovely days vacationing in Salzburg. Many days were spent walking in Old Town visiting the various paltz, but each day I stopped for a refreshing pause eating Mozart chocolates - absolutely wonderful!

15.11.2013 10:01
Still in love with these after all these years! I continue to share them with my friends who then share them with their friends and family and so the tradition grows. Still can't find anything in Australia to match them! Wunderbar danke!

17.11.2013 04:37
First had these luscious chocolates in, of all places, Talketna, Alaska. My entire family fell in LOVE with them! Have only been able to find them once in a great while here in the lower 48. Am excited to find them online, The quantity available here will allow me to actually spread the love this holiday season! Seems everyone will be excited to find them in their stockings this Christmas morning! Hopefully no one will eat so many at one sitting as to ruin their meal later in the day. If they do, I will not fuss too much! They are so YUMMY!

Lucy Braga
21.11.2013 23:18

Larissa Trindade
22.11.2013 02:16
Ganhei esse chocolate de uma vizinha da minha sogra. Despretensiosamente eu comi o chocolate e logo depois enlouqueci surpresa o quanto era bom. Imediatamente fui ate a internet procurar esse chocolate. Preciso comprar...

Mary J.
22.11.2013 18:58
Yum...Yum I am having a Mozart chocolate right now only have a few left. Visited Salzburg in Sept. was a fabulous visit, but what made this trip even more fabulous was buying this most amazing chocolate, my only regret was I didn't buy more due to the weight restrictions, therefore, I am enjoying the chocolate sparingly, I am glad that I found your site throw Google... love, love this most delicious treat.

25.11.2013 02:56
I first tasted this chocolate at the age of 12. I still remember how it all happened. I was in austria with 15 family members as we made our way to vacation house in Belg. We had a layover in Austria. The sunlight was bright. The hotel lobby was reflecting the white marble floors and the dark wooden tables speckled the layout. Mama had bought some of these funny chocolates because she liked Mozart and his name took her back to the childhood days of piano practice and cold winter evenings. We weren't expecting much out of duty free confections. We each got a medallion and a mirabell. It was the strangest sensation when I bit into the chocolate. the texture of the harder outer coating giving way to the puree and delectable center was unforgettable. It was addiction from first bite. I was transformed into a Mozart fan for life. Knowing of Mozart chocolate is similar to being a member of a secret society. It's like an inside joke that never gets old. And the best (or perhaps worst) part is that you don't want anyone else to know.When with company you slyly ask if anyone has heard of Mozart chocolate and you avidly scan the room, searching for any slight hint that there is another Mozarti present. If by chance there is, you two exchange acknowledging nods and glances as others around you sit in wonder what is Mozart Chocolate??! You become, for a few seconds, king/queen of the world. That is how my love affair with Mozart Chocolate began...

Graeme Mcgregor
01.12.2013 22:01
After two visits to Salzburg in the past two years one of the most outstanding memories and souvenirs has been the Mirabell Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln chocolates, In order to prevent marital disharmony I now need an urgent supply of further stocks.. As an excellent conclusion to a good meal there is little to compare with your product. Unfortunately the reserves have been rapidly depleted and I suspect my wife to be the cause. However, she considers I am the one to blame. After due consideration I believe we are equally guilty, having been persuaded by the flavour and quality of your product and now we each partake in illicit forays into the cupboard where the treasures are kept and help ourselves to an illegal indulgement, hoping it will go unobserved. Alas we are both guilty, but hope you will understand our problem, and agree the only answer is a further supply with rapid delivery. Unfortunately I cannot envisage any trips to Austria in the near future to facilitate personal collection but I am happy to re[y on your postal services. In the meantime I will have to be patient (patience is a virtue) and await the delivery and it will be all the better! Graeme McGregor

Linda monti
06.12.2013 11:49
My mother was born in Germany and as a small child I remember receiving packages for my aunt who lived in Cologne. Ever year just before Christmas we would await her candy gift. My favorite were the marzipan balls. I would savoir every bite and to this day crave them especially at Christmas time. My fiance and I are getting married in January 2014. It will be a small wedding and I want all of our 30 guests to experience the delightful taste of these candies to remember our special day. I couldn't think of a better way to thank them for being with us to celebrate!

Edward G. Giragos
08.12.2013 00:16
Needless to say my wife is Austrian and we always brought back pack of kugels after visiting the beautiful land of Austria specially Korinthia where my wife comes from. Of all the chocolate that I have tasted in my lifetime I would rank Mirabell Kugels the best although in recent years i think it has gotten a little smaller I think but the taste and quality is superb

Greg White
08.12.2013 21:50
I give these every year. It's great to find them online!

Greg White
08.12.2013 22:19
Every year I buy these wonderful chocolates for a friend. It rekindles her memories of visiting in Austria. I am told that they freeze well so that she does not have to eat them all at once, but I suspect that most of them do not make it to the freezer!

Jane Bauer
10.12.2013 16:38
My husband and I went to Austria to visit his relatives and we were gifted the Mirabell Mozartkugeln. Oh, how tasty and delectable it was! When we visited Germany, we got what we thought were Mirabell Mozartkugeln but they taste quite different. I prefer the Mirabell ones.

Anyinng Wu
16.12.2013 17:12
I had this chocolate years ago, and happened to find it again during out trip to Germany this year. Both me and my son got so addicted to it, and wanted to have it everyday. Ever since we ran out of it, my 5-year old son kept asked me to buy more, because he said this is the best chocolate in the world.

20.12.2013 15:31

Kirsty cross
23.01.2014 22:16
My friend from Austria would post these chocolates to us all the time and we would devour them in a couple of days. They have now moved out of Austria and we don't receive them any more 😞these are best chocolate out there. Unfortuantely, I have now decided to finally go ahead and purchase them as miss them so much. Can't wait to get them.

03.06.2014 23:58
Hi, i want to know if there is a posibility to send mozart kugeln to buenos aires, argentina. Thank you

25.11.2014 18:43

Gloria Requena
26.08.2015 15:59
Quiero un par de cajas. Despachan a Chile? o tienen distribuidor en Chile?

Joo Ee
19.12.2015 02:12
order to be delivered to singapore

20.12.2015 18:21
I first had these over 43 years ago when I was a college undergraduate. I went on a skiing trip to Austria during winter break. They are truly one of the most delicious confections made! Occasionally they have been sold during winter holidays in some stores- BUY THEM when you see them!! They have a very good shelf life. Most recently I have bought them on line. Now glad to have discovered this website!

Marcelo Luis Perlov
06.04.2017 01:48
Hola hacen envio para Bs As Argentina? Si es asi en cuanto tiempo tarda? Saludos atte.

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