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Medium Austrian Poidl

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Item:     Mozart Gold

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alc 17% vol;

Full cream milk chocolate liqueur

Made with conched chocolate, fresh cream, and precious cocoa-distillate. 100% natural ingredients.

A cuvée of the two varieties of cocoa - Forastero and Trinitario - is specially produced for Mozart Distillerie. The blend is then mixed intensivly with high-proof alcohol and stored. After complete sedimentation of the cocoa, the clear cocoa-macerate - free of debris - is skimmed. This high value produce is then partly used in the finished product and partly used further for distillation (cocoa-distillate).

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20 comment(s) found:

Andrea Heilman
16.07.2012 20:22
Love this drink!

Diane Hauschildt
21.08.2012 04:42
I bought a tiny bottle of this when I was in Austria and tried it wh.en I got back to Colorado. I loved it and am sorry I didn't buy more! So, with that said I will order on line

Xiao Wei
20.09.2012 06:33
My daughter went to Viena for International student exchange last Spring, and brought back a bottle of Mozart Chocolate gold. And our family and friends love it so much, and searched Beijing Market for more but failed. And eventully come to this online fortunately. I wonder why we don't have this in Beijing as it's a such wonderfull good.

Martha E
27.09.2012 04:50
We went to Vienna this summer and bought a bottle in Salzburg. It's delicious, especially cold!

Jonathan Smith
24.11.2012 22:24
I bought this liqueur in Vienna's airport on my way back to Dublin with my now wife. This has been our favorite liquer by a large margin. Very chocolaty, velvety taste and texture. A real treat on a Saturday night after a weeks hard work is over.

Judy Bell
30.11.2012 04:35
I have been trying to buy the Mozart Chocolate Gold for years. My husband loves it and I want to surprise him this Christmas. We first tried it in Saltzburg. He still talks about it. I hope I can buy some for him now.

Eva Mitomi
17.12.2012 06:23
Ich habe heute eine Flasche Mozart Gold in meinem Haus entdeckt. Meine Tochter hat sie for 15 Jahren von einer Reise fuer mich mitgebracht . Die Flasche ist noch fast voll weil ich sie vergessen hatte. Nun wundere ich mich ob der Liqueur noch sicher zu trinken ist, es hat keinen haltbar bis stempel. Ich hoffe Liqueure sind fuer immer haltbar, so das ich davon zu Weihnachten trinken kann. Viele Gruesse aus Hawaii.

Robert May
19.12.2012 02:56
I first visited Salzburg Austria in 2001. It is a wonderful and beautiful place! I bought several small bottles of the chocolate liqueur (all varieties; dark, white, and regular). I have had many different varieties of chocolate liqueurs and these are the best ones I have ever had. I have yet to decide which is my favorite flavor. My wife does not drink alcohol very often, but she is a big fan of chocolate and an even bigger fan of your chocolate liqueur. I love how smooth and warming the taste is in every shot that I take. It is hard for me not to consume a lot of your delicious liqueurs! I also like how the chocolate taste, especially the dark chocolate, remains in your mouth, long after consuming it. Without a doubt, these chocolate liqueurs make the perfect after-dinner dessert drink. It also accentuates the taste of chocolate desserts, if consumed with or directly after eating a dessert that contains chocolate. After touring your website and reading the reviews of your chocolate liqueur products, I am totally convinced that they are amongst the best chocolate liqueurs out there. I am so glad to see this product is finally available in the United States for purchase!

David S
21.02.2013 07:19
My wife and I discovered this wonderful chocolate liqueur through a friend in the 1990s. The texture is very smooth and the taste is delicious. We enjoy having a small glass after dinner on a cold night by the warmth of the fireplace. We bought a bottle in Austria in 1996 at a shop in St. Johann in Tirol (which, by the way, is a delightful small town with friendly people, good hiking and great food). After our return to the U.S. I found it in several better wine stores, and we have been enjoying it ever since. For many years it has been available in the U.S. through distributors, but recently, in the last year or so, I have had trouble finding it. The manager of one of my favorite wine stores told me he could no longer get it, that nobody else could either, and that I was out of luck. So I did a search and found I'm so glad to be able to buy this again! Thanks a lot for making this delicious product available to those of us who enjoy a great cholocate liqueur!

19.03.2013 16:14
I went to Austria on business and picked up a small bottle of this while visiting Salzburg. I wish I had picked up the bigger bottle! The city itself was amazing with so much history and all of the shoppes and eateries made the trip worth it. My favorite thing in Salzburg was the church. It was beautiful and the architecture was amazing. My colleague and I spent the day walking around the city and visiting the fortress which was a really cool tour. We enjoyed eating lunch at the top of the fortress overlooking the city. The people were extremely friendly and very helpful. Being from America myself, I was surprised to see how many people were able to speak English. It was a very tourist friendly city. We stayed in the city of Linz which was also a very nice city and we were able to sample the chocolate gold liquor there also. All in all the trip was amazing and I would love to go back at some point with my family. My only regret is not buying a bigger bottle - or multiple. Next time I will bring a bigger suitcase and I won't make that mistake again!

Shelly Duhamell
30.05.2013 06:43
My cousin in Salzburg gave me a small bottle. It is absolutely wonderful. So, glad I can buy it online.

Debra B
25.06.2013 06:14
This was included in a gift basket from Austria. I loved this liqueur so much I saved the bottle to remember it and am so glad to have finally found a place to purchase it!

rina van der westhuizen
18.10.2013 14:21
never tasted anything like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26.11.2013 02:47
This is great! i got it while visiting ireland! Love it!

08.12.2013 17:59
We bought this in Vienna and loved it! It's creamy and delicious. It's such a high quality liqueur, and the chocolate taste makes it a perfect after-dinner treat! We are looking forward to ordering it online!

16.12.2013 21:27
It's the favorit drink to my grand mother=

18.12.2013 00:11
My friend just brought me back a sample bottle. Loved it! Can't find it anywhere... 2 bottles are in my cart!!

Celesta Coblentz
03.10.2014 22:20
I had my very first taste of this delicious chocolate liqueur at my daughter's house. But when I went to buy it I couldn't find it anywhere. I went searching on the internet and found it. Ordered 2 bottles.

25.10.2014 04:01
I love Mozart Gold for sipping and the Black on my ice cream. I have found it from time to time but not in the past few years. I keep looking and looking.

Beth Lewis
22.11.2016 23:49
I have the most amazing recipe which calls for this liqueur. It is terribly hard to find and I am so glad to have found this source.

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